Header Promo Bar

Header Promo Bar is the proven way to engage and direct your visitors. Whether you’re looking to increase conversions, alert your visitors to specials and events, or notify them about new important information. you can create promo bar for your website easily through theme setting on the following path: Dashboard […]

Product 360 View

Product 360 feature displays a 3D or 360 model of a product, your customers can see and rotate products, almost like real life. Find this option on the product detail settings at theme settings and then upload a series of images for the products. You can use any number of […]

Shop And Category Header

There is 3 different header style for shop and categories page. Follow these steps to set shop and categories header. Fist of all you should set icon or thumbnail image for categories on the following path:          Dashboard > products > categories Go to the following path […]

Recently Viewed Products

Customers can become frustrated if they cannot easily find an item they recently viewed on your website. So having a ‘Recently Viewed Products’ section on every page of your website makes it easy for customers to compare products or simply go back to an earlier choice and complete the sale. […]

Popup Newsletter

Newsletter Popup is a feature to create lightbox popups that help you get more newsletter subscribers, deliver special offers. This article will explain how to create a pop-up newsletter. In order to have popup newsletter on your website, follow these steps: install and activate Mail poet plugin. Create your desired […]

Currency Switcher

WooCommerce Currency Switcher allows to switch products prices, get their rates converted in the real-time and allows your customers to pay in their selected currency or only in the basic currency of your store! An ideal solution to make an online store in multiple currencies! In order to have multiple […]

Deal Products

Deal product feature adds Deals to the WooCommerce Store. In order to add this feature on your website, all you need is to select products from the admin panel and offer deals on it. Also, you can create a special page on the Website and display all deals with count […]

Shop Pagination

By this new feature, you are able to change the pagination type of the shop page. Find all the options on the shop page settings at theme settings. There is three available pagination type: Pagination It is the normal method of navigating between pages. You’ll choose the page number and […]

Setup wizard

Once you activate theme, its setup wizard will be activated and helps you to configure the theme. In order to activate theme features and auto-updates, customers should follow the wizard’s steps. We recommend you to activate theme through the wizard at the same time that you activate it. But, you […]