Shop Pagination

By this new feature, you are able to change the pagination type of the shop page. Find all the options on the shop page settings at theme settings. There is three available pagination type: Pagination It is the normal method of navigating between pages. You’ll choose the page number and […]

Setup wizard

Once you activate theme, its setup wizard will be activated and helps you to configure the theme. In order to activate theme features and auto-updates, customers should follow the wizard’s steps. We recommend you to activate theme through the wizard at the same time that you activate it. But, you […]

The catalog mode

If you would enable this option, the shop page will act just like an online brochure. It means that there will no option to purchase any product. The add to cart button will remove from your website. So you can only visit the products. Review them, compare, etc. Everything but […]

Child themes and their advantages

A child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality and styling of another theme, called the parent theme. Child themes are the recommended way of modifying an existing theme. There are a few reasons why you would want to use a child theme: If you modify a theme directly […]

Installing the child theme

If you want to know more about the child themes and their using advantages, please read this article first. In order to install the child theme, we suggest the easiest way. Your WP dashboard. Download the latest version of the theme. The full package. Extract the file and find the […]

How to install theme using WP dashboard?

To install theme through your WP dashboard, you should follow these steps: Login to your account. Go to the download section and get the latest version of the theme. Open your website’s dashboard and go to the following path: Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add new > Upload theme […]

How to install theme using hosts admin panels?

To install theme through your host admin panel, you should follow these steps: Login to your account. Go to the downloads section and get the latest version of the theme. Login to your host admin panel and open the File Manager. Then go to the following directory: public-html > wp-content […]

Minimum Requirements

 Server minimum requirements for implementing the theme is like below: Minimum PHP version: 7.0 or greater Memory Limit: 256 .0 MB or greater Minimum MySQL version: 5.0.15 or greater Post Max Size: 32.0 MB Max Upload Size: 64.0 M Failure to observe these settings may result in problems with the theme’s […]

Filters and Widgets

There is a wide range of widgets that you can use them everywhere on your website. Please watch this video tutorial shows you how to work with them. Also, you can learn how to create a new filter and use it for your shop page.