PinkMart Changelogs

VER 2.8 – (16.10.2020)

1. IMPROVED: Improve Elemntor widgets JS functionality for better performance and user experience
IMPROVED: improve demo importer functionality
2. ADDED: Halloween Demo
3. ADDED: Grocery Store
4. ADDED: Turkish translation file
5. ADDED: WPML Compatibility With our Elemntor widgets
6. FIXED: Wpbakery fullwidth issue in product details
7. FIXED: Showcase issue
8. FIXED: PieChart issue
9. FIXED: External products price not showing
10. FIXED: Gallery doesn’t show in gallery posts
11. FIXED: Medium image size not working in Instagram widget
12. FIXED: aq resizer warning notice
13. FIXED: Medium image size not working in Instagram widget

VER 2.7.9 – (16.09.2020)

1. FIXED: Isotope issue in mobile

VER 2.7.8 – (12.09.2020)
1. ADDED: Medical demo
2. IMPROVED: WordPress standards
3. IMPROVED: Keyboard navigation
4. IMPROVED: theme font option
5. IMPROVED: post paginations
6. FIXED: SKU position style issue in product detail page
7. FIXED: isotope ajax load issue
8. FIXED: blog element fatal error while WooCommerce is deactivate
9. FIXED: submenu color not change
10. FIXED: style check for lightbox close button
11. FIXED: product info on hover custom color issue fixed
12. FIXED: Elemntor container issue
13. FIXED: compare fatal error
14. UPDATED: Kite pro tools plugin

VER 2.7.7 – (18.08.2020)
1. Fixed: Compatibility check with WooCommerce version 4.4.0

VER 2.7.6 – (09.18.2020)
1. ADDED: Option to remove hover state of product cards in responsive
2. FIXED: Google login issue – Kite pro tools plugin
3. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

VER 2.7.4 – (09.08.2020)
1. ADDED: Romanian translation file
2. FIXED: Search result column style
3. FIXED: Topbar language dropdown style in responsive
4. FIXED: woosb plugin compatibility
5. FIXED: When category display set on “show subcategories”

VER 2.7.3 – (03.08.2020)

1. IMPROVED: Redux plugin new version compatibility check
2. IMPROVED: Set customizer style to follow rules style
3. IMPROVED: Product card buttons icon style in 5 columns shop
4. IMPROVED: Keyboard navigation functionality
5. IMPROVED: Move plugins handler to both kitestudio core and kite pro tools plugin
6. Fixed: Update checkout page while changing the quantity of products in the checkout page

VER 2.7.2 – (27.07.2020)

1. ADDED: Spanish translation file
2. ADDED: French translation file
3. ADDED: Russian translation file
4. ADDED: Arabic translation file
5. ADDED: Farsi translation file
6. ADDED: Sunshine Marketplace demo XD file
7. ADDED: Electronics Big store demo XD file
8. IMPROVED: Trident search dark style
9. FIXED: Responsive Table in order page
10. FIXED: RTL header issue
11. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

VER 2.7 – (22.07.2020)

1. ADDED: New Elementor Demo Electronics bigstore
2. ADDED: New Elementor Demo Sunshine marketplace
3. ADDED: Option for show categories section in the search result
4. ADDED: Option for show tags section in the search result
5. ADDED: Option for Show history before search result
6. ADDED: Option for Select search results column number
7. ADDED: Fourth language option in the topbar
8. ADDED: Option to trim mini cart product title
9. ADDED: add an option in theme setting to enable/disable Instagram sections in product detail
10. IMPROVED: Move some options into subsection in theme settings
11. IMPROVED: min-width for variation select box
12. IMPROVED: Add a hook to extend theme settings
13. IMPROVED: Hide sidebar in Elementor template page builder
14. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

VER 2.6.5 – (11.07.2020)
1.IMPROVED: Woocommerce 4.3.0 compatibility
2. FIXED: Some minor bugs

VER 2.6.4 – (06.07.2020)

1. IMPROVED: Performance
2. IMPROVED: Dokan plugin compatibility
3. IMPROVED: Update isotope to version 3.0.6
4. IMPROVED: load more and infinite scroll pagination in shop
5. FIXED: Sizeguide icons compatibility issue
6. FIXED: WPbakery fullwidth row issue
6. FIXED: Some minor bugs

VER 2.6.3 – (23.06.2020)

1. FIXED: Cart widget iframe issue
2. IMPROVED: WPbakery is recommended plugin

VER 2.6.2 – (21.06.2020)

1. ADDED: Quantity add to card
2. IMPROVED: WCFM Marketplace style
3. IMPROVED: Page header and breadcrumb
4. IMPROVED: Performance improvement
5. FIXED: Variation product add to cart translate issue
6. FIXED: Some minor bugs

VER 2.6.1 – (14.06.2020)

1. ADDED: Option to enable/disable carousel navigations in WooCommerce elements
2. IMPROVEMENT: Quickview summary
3. FIXED: Swatch variations issue on the quick view
4. FIXED: Some minor bugs

VER 2.6 – (11.06.2020)

1. ADDED: Pinkmart Dashboard
2. ADDED: Options to control upsells product in theme setting
3. IMPROVED: Change the priority of the theme settings menu
4. IMPROVED: Change Instagram transient time to a day
5. FIXED: Search in shop page
6. FIXED: Quickview not working in ajax products tab
7. FIXED: Filter issue on archive pages
8. FIXED: Remove extra CSS in admin.css cause error with other plugins
9. FIXED: Some minor bugs

VER 2.5.3 – (30.05.2020)

1. ADDED: Option direct link for external (affiliate) products to bypass product details page
2.IMPROVED: Check out page style
3. FIXED: Pop-Up login in responsive devices
4. FIXED: RTL style not loaded in some cases
5. FIXED: Some minor bugs

VER 2.5.1 – (25.05.2020)

1.ADDED: Option to hide menu title in mega menu
2.ADDED: Vk social link
3.ADDED: Option to hide subcategories in popup search
4.IMPROVED: Compatibility issue with “featured image by URL” plugin
5. FIXED: icons not loading issue
6. FIXED: Product detail issue when variations not having an image
7. FIXED: woocommerce_product_after_tabs action missing
8. REMOVED: mailpoet from recommended plugins
9. FIXED: Some minor bugs

VER 2.5 – (20.05.2020)
1. ADDED: Option to change the category menu title in the marketplace header
2. ADDED: Option to hide subcategories in the search categories list
3. ADDED: Option to show/hide product categories on product cards
4. ADDED: Option to select product meta box location in product single page
5. FIXED: Responsive shop filter issue when shop sidebar is enabled
6. FIXED: Icon issue when editing product categories taxonomy
7. FIXED: Breadcrumb not showing in a single product
8. FIXED: Responsive RTL issues
9. FIXED: Some minor bugs

VER 2.4.3 – (9.05.2020)
1.IMPROVED: Woocommerce 4.1.0 compatibility
2.IMPROVED: Woocommerce minimum maximum quantity compatibility
3. FIXED: Pinkmart child setup wizard button not working
4. FIXED: Not showing Kitestudio widgets
5. FIXED: stretch row in Elementor RTL demos
6. FIXED: inline youtube video not showing

VER 2.4.2 – (3.05.2020)
1. FIXED: deal counter not showing on buttons appear under the style
2. FIXED: showing product categories element in shop page
3. FIXED: show comments in the single post page
4. FIXED: sidebar overlap in responsive
5. FIXED: update notice in child theme
6. FIXED: shop load more and infinite scroll bug when adding a template to it
7. FIXED: opening social icons in a new tab
8. FIXED: wrapping issue for variations dropdown
9. FIXED: mobile recently viewed the z-index problem
10. FIXED: mobile filters issue
11. FIXED: some translatable text
12. FIXED: style shipping section in cart page
13. FIXED: Vendor icon in WCFM in product card

VER 2.4.1 – (27.04.2020)

1. ADDED: Enable/Disable “uncategories” Search bar Option
2. ADDED: Enable/Disable category header title and category description in responsive devices Option
3. ADDED: Enable/Disable Sticky navigation bar Option
4. ADDED: Dark/Light responsive mobile header Option
5. IMPROVED: Dummy data in Setup Wizard – There was a problem with some hosts
6. IMPROVED: More compatibility with elementor pro
7. IMPROVED: Add woocommerce Elementas template to shop page header or footer
8. FIXED: Filter button in sticky nav bar when Filter bar is deactive and shop sidebar is active
9. FIXED: Contact form 7 element in Dummy data
10. FIXED : Compatibility check YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

VER 2.3 – (04.15.2020)

1. ADDED : All demos Adobe XD file
2. ADDED : Fashion Clothing Demo – Elementor version
3. ADDED : Cosmetic Market – Elementor version
4. ADDED : Gadgets Shop – Elementor version
5. ADDED : Mailchimp compatibility – MailChimp element for elementor
6. ADDED : Premium plugins and new demos now update automatically and no need to download pack
7. UPDATED: kt core plugin
8. FIXED: Woocommerce ajax bug fix in shop page pagination
9. FIXED: Some minor bugs

VER 2.2 – (02.15.2020)

1.ADDED: Mobile Sticky Nav Bar – Sort button in the category page
3.ADDED: Option for enabling/disabling variations in product cards
4.ADDED: Option for adding Elementor template to top and bottom of the shop page
5.ADDED: Option for product cols in tablet in Products Elements
IMPROVED: Product detail thumbnails functionality
6. FIXED: Select icon issue
7. FIXED: Header overlapping my Account and currency switcher dropdown
8. FIXED: Info on click bug in woocommerce ajax tab

08/04/2020 Version 2.1
1. ADDED: Option for product cols in tablet
2. IMPROVED: Compatibility check with Yith plugins
3. UPDATED: WPbackery plugin
4. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

02/04/2020 Version 2.0 – Mega Update
1. Added : New Elementor Demo Jewel Gallery
2. ADDED : New Elementor Demo decoratives
3. ADDED : New Elementor Demo Fashionable Dark
4. ADDED : New Elementor Demo Apparel Clothing
5. ADDED : New Elementor Demo Handcraft Collection
6. ADDED : New Elementor Demo Fashionable Style
7. ADDED : New Elementor Demo Craftsman
8. ADDED : New Elementor Demo Handmade
9. ADDED : New Elementor Demo Gifts By Personality
10. ADDED : New Elementor Demo Occasion Presents
11. ADDED : Animated Textbox element
12. ADDED : Modern Banner element
13. ADDED : Image Pop-up Reveal element
14. ADDED : Blog Feed HeadLine Style element
15. ADDED : Blog Feed Toggle Style element
16. ADDED : New Header Style – Modern
17. FIXED: compatibility check with Mailpoet version 3.4
18. FIXED: add to cart quantity not working
19. FIXED: translateble “sort by” text

27/03/2020 Version 1.4
1. Added: Add option for “Enable/ Disable Show more button” categories widget
2. Added: woocommerce free shipping notice threshold
3. Improved: Footer – recently viewed products and widgetized footer load in a better way than before
4. Fixed: Category Description Show link
5. Fixed: IE compatibility check: Not showing ajax search image in ie
6. Fixed: Add link to the parent menu item in mobile menu
7. Updated: Revolution slider plugin

30/01/2020 Version 1.3.5
1. ADDED: Social login option
2. FIXED: Showing sorting and home button in sticky bottom nav bar in product category page
3. FIXED: Compatibility check with WooCommerce 3.9

06/01/2020 Version 1.3
ADDED: Support RTL language.
ADDED: Arabic translation file.
FIXED: Some minor bugs.

24/12/2019 version 1.2
ADDED: Compatible with Elementor Page Builder plugin.
ADDED: Compatible with WC Vendors Compatible.
ADDED: Compatible with Dokan Multivendor Marketplace.
ADDED: Compatible with WCFM Marketplace.
FIXED: Some minor bugs.

18/12/2019 version 1.1.2 
1. FIXED: Gutenberg optimized
2. IMPROVED: Fronted WPbackery page builder
3.IMPROVED: Recent posts widget style
4.IMPROVED: Recent comments widget style
5. ADD: Left sidebar option in blog page
6. ADD: Blog toggle-style element
7. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

14/12/2019 – Version 1.0.2
1. IMPROVED: Instagram element functionality
2. FIXED: Compatibility check with YITH WooCommerce Wishlist 3.0.3
3. FIXED: Newsletter in the topbar
4. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

8/12/2019 – Version 1.0