Setup wizard

Once you activate theme, its setup wizard will be activated and helps you to configure the theme. In order to activate theme features and auto-updates, customers should follow the wizard’s steps.

We recommend you to activate theme through the wizard at the same time that you activate it. But, you can do it at another time and skip the steps for now.

You can always get access to the setup wizard through the following path:

Dashboard > Appearance > Setup Wizard

Here we show you the steps:

Welcome Page

The first thing that you will see after activating Pinkmart, is a page like the below image. A welcoming message.

On this page, you have the right to choose to continue the wizard steps or leave it.

Step 1: Plugins Installation

In the next step, you should install Pinkmart’s required plugins.
Additionally, there are many other plugins that are included in theme package which you can install them up to your needs.
There are two types of plugins, required plugins, and recommended plugins. Obviously, in order to have the best performance, required plugins should be installed.

Step 2: Demo Imort

Step 2, relates to importing a demo. There are many different demos that are implemented for any need and any taste.

Also, you can preview demos, before importing them, here.

Step 3: Help and Support

In this step, you will be provided with some information about our support services. Also, an account will create for you in our help center.
You can use your account in order to keep in touch with our supporters or get the latest version of plugins.
So, it is an important step and you will need this account in the future.

Step 4: The Final Step

All is done!

The configuration has completed. Enjoy using Pinkmart.

Also, you can watch this video tutorial to learn how to configure the theme through setup wizard.

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